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Top Jackpot Games and Jackpot Slots for Big Wins

Remove the theme, the fancy plot, the exquisite features and other extra embellishments off from a slots machine and you'll end up with the true purpose behind it - profit. To earn has always been the ultimate goal of numerous people as they plunge into the gambling world and wade through the numerous risks that goes along with participating in betting games. The fun and excitement are all just bonuses if you think about it, which is great because this keeps you motivating to play more. However, nothing would surely be more motivating than high-end jackpot prizes from top jackpot games today which are more commonly referred to as progressive games.

These progressive games often come in the form of progressive slots machine and they have managed to become one of the most raved type of slots today. How they work is extremely like how other machines like it work. What should be noted though, is that it is also called big jackpot slots due to the fact that their jackpot prize increase the more people play the game, bet and not win the ultimate prize. Of course, when the top prize is won, the accumulate jackpot would reset back to the bottom. In record, there have already been many jackpot winners of these jackpot games. Here are some of the best online casino jackpot games that you should consider playing and try your luck on.

Jackpot Giants

More often than not, jackpot games set their sights on providing massive wins for users. This would lead to numerous progressive jackpots slots to have a somewhat common list of features. This Jackpot Giant is an exemption, however, because, on top of being one of Playtech's most cutting-edge and highly lucrative jackpots game, it is also jam-packed with some of the most marvelous features you could ever hope for. The game's environment would bring you back to the beauty of the Stone age where the lands are lush and showcase the untainted and mesmerizing appeal of nature. In order to win the game, what you have to aim for though, is getting wilds on the first pay line This is something that's pretty hard to accomplish but of course, it would not be a highly raved jackpot game if it's easy to claim the highest prize.

Mega Fortune

If you already had your fair share of research regarding top jackpot games, you'll see that Mega Fortune from Net Entertainment would never be left out of the discussion. This is because even up until today, the biggest prize to have ever been awarded to a jackpot winner came from this particular game. The prize has reached a whopping $17.8 Million and this is something that no other winners have been able to reach before. This is truly a game where your luck will be tested and you'll be qualified to get the progressive jackpot only when you are able to overcome the Wheel of Fortune in the game. There, you could also get two other smaller jackpot prizes if you are unable to completely get into the centre of the wheel and nab the biggest prize of the game.

Mega Moolah

Ever fancied going to the wilderness of Africa where abundant animals can be seen almost anywhere? Mega Moolah would give you the chance to experience Africa at its finest with its theme set on this marvellous place. With such a setup, not many may expect a high jackpot prize but, Mega Moolah begs to differ. In fact, this particular title could award players with prizes that are not lower than what Mega Fortune could provide you with. Its reputation is something that can come on par with Mega Fortune, especially since it is a game made by Microgaming. As long as you are able to make the bonus game of this slots appear, you can rest assured that whether it be the mini, major and the progressive jackpot of the game - it is already as good as guaranteed that you'll be able to take hope a jackpot.

Major Millions

If you are fond of playing Microgaming games, you'll surely find it highly exciting to play Major Millions as well. Despite the fact that it also comes with lucrative jackpot for players, compared to the Mega Moolah, it certainly cannot surpass it when it comes to cash prizes. It is still good to bring this title on your go-to play list especially if you want to mix up your experience as you play and try to win a progressive jackpots game today.