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Deciding whether to Play American Roulette Online

American online roulette isn't the most popular variation of this casino classic and can be played with a welcome bonus. It wasn't the first option ever introduced, though. The very first variant was created by the French and the word roulette actually means "little wheel" in their language. It spread throughout Europe and eventually made its way into North America via New Orleans. As it spread into the western part of the country and northward toward Canada, the casinos felt that the edge they had over the player was far too low. As such, they changed the wheel to add a second green pocket that is still known as the double zero (00) today.

Some people look at American online roulette and believe that the addition of the extra pocket simply gives them another betting opportunity. However, since it is considered a loss when the ball lands on green unless you have specifically bet on that color (which is generally a bad strategy), then this isn't the case at all. In fact, the addition of the double zero actually doubles the house edge and puts the player at a disadvantage. There isn't any other difference, really, so the best advice for anyone is to simply avoid the American wheel and stick to either the European or the French options in order to provide themselves with better odds. Or simply head over to the esteemed USCasinosRated where you can find a more forgiving and accessible roulette experience. The US is known for its abundance of choice and options, leverage that to your advantage.

Of course, there are some venues that offer only American online roulette, and this is particularly true in establishments that cater to people in the US. Keep in mind that regardless of the number of green pockets, the best strategy for you to employ is a positive progression whenever you are wagering on even money. Stick to red or black, even or odd, and high or low for the best results, and be sure that you double your wager after every loss so that you can recoup any losses you might incur.

One of the greatest places to try this out, either for free or for real money, is Win Palace Casino . They are one of the few establishments that offers up all of the most popular variations so you are not forced to continue with this one if you are not satisfied with your overall results.