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Free Spins and Cashback to End August

Aug 30, 2013

It's time for August to come to an end, and WinPalace Casino is celebrating with a bang. There are four bonuses available that give you free spins on the hot new Regal Riches video slot. Deposit $35 and up with RICHES1 to get 214 percent with five free spins. Make it at least $130 with RICHES2 to get 280 percent with 10 free turns. Deposits of $350 and more can get 20 free spins and a 335 percent bonus with the RICHES3 code. The RICHES4 code is good for 20 free spins on top of a 370 percent match when depositing $600 or more.

Slots players have a wide range of other offers available if they aren't interested in the free spins for the new game. Deposit $21 and up to get a 197 percent bonus with the KINGDOM1 bonus code. Use the KINGDOM2 promotional code when you deposit $100 or more to get a 245 percent offer. Make it at least $250 with KINGDOM3 to get 315 percent, or deposit at least $500 to get 359 percent with the KINGDOM4 bonus code. Deposits of $1,000 and up can pick up a huge 410 percent match bonus with the KINGDOM5 promotional code. These are some enormous bonuses.

Table games players have even more offers ready to go this weekend. Use THRONE1 to get 125 percent on any deposit, or deposit at least $50 with the THRONE2 code to get 145 percent. Make that deposit at least $100 to pick up 174 percent with the THRONE3 promotional code. If you want a nice, even number to play with, choose the THRONE4 code where you can get 200 percent on deposits of $200 or more, or you can bump it up to $250 or more to get a 235 percent offer with the THRONE5 code. You can also use the THRONE6 code to get 315 percent on deposits of $500 and up.

On top of all of these offers, there are two special cashback options available this weekend and all next week. On your first deposit of $100 or more each day, you can get 100 percent cashback. Aside from that, you can get 100 percent cashback on your third deposit each day no matter the size. These are enough offers that anyone can find something they love this weekend at WinPalace Casino.